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Want to please a loved one, a collaborator or a friend? For an exceptional gift, discover our online shops! Exclusive lunches and dinners, cooking classes, tasting boxes, a collection of unforgettable experiences and gourmet gifts… Another way to please yourself.


Our restaurants

Discover our collection of gift vouchers and offer an exceptional moment to your loved ones! From the traditional bistro to the most refined tables, each of our restaurant expresses its vision of living well and eating well by offering a “cuisine of the essence” that glorifies the produce’s authentic flavor.

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

The know-how and creativity of our chocolate makers can be found in all our creations. Succumb to the most traditional or surprising alliances. As the Christmas season approaches, it’s the perfect occasion or to offer a gift that will delight all the chocolate lovers! This year, the Manufacture is inspired by the hexagonal shape of France and offers new products in graphic and original shapes.

Le Café Alain Ducasse

Coffee is a world to explore, and it’s its tremendous richness of flavors that we wish to share through our range of great vintages and blends. From the producer to the cup, each stage is mastered from our Manufacture in Paris. Discover the world of Alain Ducasse coffee and taste the great unknown vintages and tailor-made blends that our roaster has the secret! Coffees are offered in beans, ground or capsules.

École Ducasse

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of cooking, baking or oenology. On the programme: cooking class “Haute cuisine by Alain Ducasse”, wine tasting “Exceptional wines”, “cooking or pastry class”… The promise of a of a great sharing moment for all lovers of taste, from beginner to most advanced!


Taste of the Essence

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