DUCASSE Manufacture,
The Quest for Original Taste

With the opening of his Manufacture in 2013, Alain Ducasse made a dream come true: to rediscover the authentic taste of chocolate starting from the raw material: the bean.

Unique and Artisanal Creations

Everyday, we work the cocoa bean to give birth to unique creations, bonbons and chocolate coverings of exceptional quality.

Led by the savoir-faire of Philippe Urweiller - the cocoa-roaster and Quentin Francis-Gaigneux - the chocolate maker, our teams all share the same passion for raw materials and artisanal work.

Starting with the cocoa bean makes it possible to access a universe of flavors, simultaneously raw and subtle, which are the source of chocolate's richness.

- Philippe Urweiler

Cocoa-Roaster at the Manufacture in Paris

Starting with Simple, Raw Materials

From bean roasting to selling chocolate bars, we master and control each and every step in chocolate making.

Our savoir-faire, unequalled in Paris, opened the way to the development of other manufactured products like coffee, with the same standards and the same quest for authentic flavors, starting with bean selection, roasting, and on-site manufacturing.  

Taste of the Essence

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